Wireless MEATER Thermometer - Varianta Meateru: Standard

The unique Bluetooth MEATER thermometer lets you prepare every cut of meat exactly the way you want it. The MEATER is connected to an app on your phone so you are able to monitor the exact current temperature of the meat you are preparing. You can choose between the Original MEATER with a range of 10 metres and the MEATER Plus, which has a thermometer range of up to 50 metres. read more

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Wireless MEATER Thermometer - Varianta Meateru: Standard Standard In stock £ 95,96
Wireless MEATER Thermometer - Varianta Meateru: Standard Plus - rozšířený dosah na 50m In stock £ 115,96

Having perfectly cooked meat usually requires years of experience, allowing one to judge whether the meat has reached the perfect temperature to be taken out of the oven or pan, or whether it needs to be simmered for a little longer. But times are changing, and thanks to the technology that is entering kitchens, it is possible to check the perfect doneness of meat from the couch. How? Thanks to our MEATER! A simple gadget that fits perfectly into the 21st century kitchen.

The MEATER is a wireless probe that communicates via Bluetooth with an app on your mobile phone. It informs you not only about the temperature inside the meat, but also about its ambient temperature, to an accuracy of 0.5 °C. Depending on the model, the MEATER is capable of sending the signal from 10 or 50 metres. This allows you to get on with other kitchen activities or pour a glass of wine and watch your favourite TV show

The probe is very easy to insert directly into the meat, you can set the time and alerts on the app and it also tells you exactly when the meat has reached the perfect condition for removal. It has a battery life of up to 24 hours on a full charge, so you can cook all day long with ease, whether you have beef, pork, chicken or fish in the oven, on the pan, or on the grill.

In short, it's a gadget that will never allow you to worry about whether you are overcooking or undercooking your meat. The probe also comes with a charging wooden stand, so you can proudly display it on your countertop

The MEATER and all its accessories come in a wooden box that also serves as a charger and with instructions for downloading the app.

When using, the probe tip must be inserted up to the safety mark. This part can measure temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. The part of the MEATER that is not inserted in the meat is resistant up to 275 degrees Celsius. When the temperature limits are exceeded, the app will alert you to the risk of damage to the MEATER.

100 % organic

Certified pepper sourced directly from our farmers in Cambodia for fair prices.

Manually checked

In the Czech Republic, we check each peppercorn again and pack it in the highest quality packaging.

We aim to do good

Part of our profits go back to Cambodia as we try to help this country in various ways.

Types of Kampot pepper

Černý pepř


This is harvested, unripe, at the beginning of the year when the grains are green. Black colouring occurs as the corns dry in the sun.

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Grill it, fry it, stew it! What? Meat! Black pepper is perfect for steaks, red meat, sauces, soups and also for all types of pasta and Italian cuisine in general.

Bílý pepř


This is a champagne among peppers which has nothing to do with the white pepper you know. The white pepper you buy in shops here is just peeled unripe black pepper which tend to get musty and thus nobody likes it. The genuine white pepper is peeled from ripe red one (it is its seed) and so it gets its specific qualities for which it´s sought by top chefs all over the world – the white pepper opens up taste buds and multiplies the taste of each ingredient.

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Perfect for grilling dark meat, grinding on cheese and pairing with wine and tapas. Also good for savoring vegetable soups, gnocchi, pesto, potato dishes, pasta, homemade baking, Asian cuisine and spreads.

Červený pepř


Genuine red Kampot pepper is unique in the world. It is extremely rare and grows only in a few places in the world. It is harvested fully ripe at the peak of the pepper season and thanks to its long ripening it is full of fructose, which gives it a unique sweet-fruity taste. The so-called “red pepper" (which is actually pink) we can find in the Czech Republic is not pepper at all and is so incorrectly labeled. It is a Brazilian peppercorn that grows in a tree and is popular for its colour.

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Don´t use it for meat – it is a great friend with fish or seafood. On the other hand, you will love it in cold kitchen for vegetarian dishes, salads, vegetable, eggs, vegetable soups, risotto, sweet deserts, cocktails or Christmas sweets.

Lyofilizovaný pepř


Fresh green Kampot pepper freeze-dried in the Czech Republic! A special process of lyophilization for keeping the maximal quality, freshness and taste accents of genuine fresh Kampot pepper from Cambodia right to your plate. 100% organic fair-trade product collected with love. When mixed with oil or another liquid, the peppercorn absorbs the liquid and then tastes like fresh. Do not put it in grinder, use it whole or crushed in mortar.

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It is perfect for steaks, sauces, pasta, meat or crushed for grilling.

Our farmers

POV SOKHORN Supplier of Black pepper How will the farmer use the money?

To pay school fees for her 2 kids (one of them wants to become a doctor)

PANN VOCH Supplier of Black pepper How will the farmer use the money?

To pay school fees for her 2 grandchildren

YIM YI Supplier of White pepper How will the farmer use the money?

To reconstruction of his house

SVAY YUTH Supplier of White pepper How will the farmer use the money?

To travel to another part of Cambodia

Meet all farmers

Certificates of authenticity of Kampot pepper

Authentic Kampot Pepper must always be accompanied by four compulsory certificates that determine its quality, uniqueness, and origin. In addition, a ‘Lot Number’ must always be stated on the packaging. This number allows the pepper to be tracked right back to the specific farmer that produced it.

Černý pepř


Proves the origin and quality of Kampot pepper. There are many cheap copies all over the world, named for example pepper from Kampot, pepper Kampot or pepper from Cambodia, which, however, have nothing to do with the real Kampot pepper. So, if your pepper doesn't have all four certificates and a lot number, it's not the genuine Kampot pepper.

Černý pepř

Protected Geographical Indication

Kampot Pepper became the first Cambodian product and the only pepper in the world to be given this status, similar to Champagne in France. It is a guarantee that your pepper has been grown in the most appropriate climatic conditions in the world, complying with the strictest standards of farming methods and techniques.

Černý pepř

External control

The international regulator, Ecocert, is one of the largest certification companies in the world. It checks and certifies products containing natural materials resulting from organic farming. At the same time, it grants PGI status to Kampot Pepper.

Černý pepř

Specification of a given protected geographical indication

A specific list of rules that a given country must meet within PGI, from planting the crops to tracking the peppercorns. In Cambodia, the emphasis is on strict organic compliance and a ban on all chemical fertilizers.

"Extremely unique product with a great drive behind them. Awesome product and customer service. Perfect for a gift to impress your in-laws, boss or clients."

L. Marie

"First time I tasted Kampot pepper on our vacation in Cambodia, it was phenomenal! I am ordering the Kampot pepper from Amazon ever since. Now when I have an option to order from the smallest farmers, I can have great feeling whenever I open the pack as a bonus to the best taste."

Tim Anderson

"Got the pepper, it is very unique. I found it had more flavor and the aroma was wonderful. The pepper came in a small well sealed package. The ground pepper was a little spicier than regular black pepper, but not too spicy. I think it was most likely just fresher and delivered in better condition."

Chad Whitney


We are authentic, we love Kampot pepper and we would be happy if you would share your experience with us.

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