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He gets up in the morning and heads out to his sun-drenched pepper plantation. The sun's rays shine through the pepper leaves, tickling the Cambodian farmer's face until evening, when it's time to go home again. This scenario repeats itself day after day until it's time to harvest and dry the peppercorns, followed by the sale of the crop. For some farmers, this task is a joyful finishing touch to their hard work; for others, it is a very difficult task that decides the future of their entire family.

It would seem that farmers should have no problem selling pepper considering the quality of the Kampot pepper. Unfortunately, the opposite is true in some cases, due to several factors.

The first is the difficulty in finding buyers. Many farms are located in remote places where traders do not want to go, so farmers have to go to traders. If they do find one, the second problem is the language barrier

Kampot pepper is primarily an export commodity, which means that it is bought by foreign traders, most of whom do not speak Khmer. Therefore, communication between the small farmer and the foreign trader is often very difficult.

However, even when the two trading partners come to an agreement, it is not a win-win situation. Some farms' production is so small that large traders are simply not interested. They do not find it as profitable to buy from such farms as they would like. The farmer often has no choice but to sell his crop below cost in order to get at least some financial compensation for his work.

This is a great pity, because the pepper from such farmers is often of much higher quality than pepper from large farms, usually owned by foreigners who see them only as a source of finance, to which the overall production is subordinated (e.g. La Plantation).

However, you will not find pepper from them here. We are trying to reach out to those farmers who live deep in the jungle, who do not speak English, and it is thanks to them that we can offer you a pepper that is unparalleled in the world. 

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